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EQX main objectives:


Ensure quality of service and satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders


Ensure environmental protection by preventing pollution and minimizing environmental impacts


Sustainable use of resources relevant to your activity


Eliminate the hazards and minimize the incidents resulting from your activity


Promote and protect the Health and Safety of its employees, ensuring the provision of training and adequate means for its implementation

Quality, Environment and Safety Policy

EQX is committed to implementing a Quality, Environmental and Safety Management System, based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, which complies with legal and customer requirements, stakeholders and other applicable requirements, in order to continuously improve the effectiveness of its management system. 

Equation Experience, Lda (EQX) is a company with a vast experience in the area of Electricity, Metal mechanics and Civil Construction, which operates in the National and International market. One of our main characteristics is the ability to perform complete works with the help of professional technicians, dynamic, highly qualified, and always in training. We offer our services, providing direct attention to each Client, consistency, and quality work in each project.

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